Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The great fire and the little water

Among the Aztec folks of North American nation, it's same that an extended time past there was an excellent hearth within the forests that coated our Earth. folks and animals began to run, making an attempt to flee from the hearth. Our brother raptor, Tecolotl, was exploit conjointly once he noticed a tiny low bird hurrying back and forth between the closest watercourse and therefore the hearth. He headed towards this little bird.

He noticed that it had been our brother the trogon, Quetzaltototl, running to the watercourse, reading little drops of water in his beak, then returning to the hearth to throw that little little bit of water on the flame. raptor approached Quetsal bird and shouted at him: "What area unit you doing brother? area unit you stupid? you're not reaching to bring home the bacon something by doing this. What area unit you making an attempt to do? you need to run your life!"

Quetzal bird stopped for a flash and checked out raptor, then answered: "I am doing the most effective I will with what I even have."

It is remembered by our Grandparents that an extended time past the forests that coated our Earth were saved from an excellent hearth by atiny low trogon, an owl, and plenty of alternative animals and folks World Health Organization got along to place out the hearth.

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