Thursday, November 14, 2013

Conqueror and Philosopher

Now when Conqueror the Outstanding appeared before the European leaders in Metropolis they greeted him warmly and salaried him ware compliments- all of them, that is but one. A odd beau, a athenian named Diogenes. He had views not different those of the Gautama. According to him, possessions and all the things we reckon we requisite only help to flurry us and get in the way of our cordiform enjoyment of lifespan. So he had conferred away everything he owned and now sat, nearly overt, in a containerful in the mart parcel in Metropolis where he lived, clear and breakaway suchlike a wander dog.

Questioning to check this peculiar gent, Alexander went to tendency on him. Clothed in shiny outfit, the experience on his helmet motion in the zephyr, he walked up to the drum and said to Philosopher: 'I similar you. Let me see your care and I shall subsidization it.' Diogenes, who had until then been comfortably sunning himself, replied: 'Indeed, Sire, I possess a recognise.' 'Fit, what is it?' 'Your shadow has fallen over me: platform a short lower between me and the sun.' Alexander  is said to make been so struck by this that he said: 'If I weren't Herb, I should equivalent to be Diogenes.'

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